We, at MRK Steel Cast, are an authentic investment casting manufacturing company based in India. Our work in this domain has been around from the time when metallurgical works began taking baby steps in the country. Today, one cannot deny the popularity of the Indian made metallurgical tools and instruments. People working in this domain are also familiar with the investment casting process that is tedious and where precision is everything. As our team consists of experienced hands, we are always right in delivering the right size of investment casting that is required. Talking of the process, we would like to share the reasons of popularity of this process in the present days.

Vital for small and intricately patterned tool or machine parts.

Investment casting process may be a term that is still catching up in India, but world over, this is a very significant industry and our client base is a valuable proof of it.

The process is very strenuous and hence, is employed for casting only the parts that have no duplicates or is designed very delicately.

Any design can be duplicated thanks to investment casting process.

The rich and smooth texture of as much as 100 microns is indeed achievable by this process of investment casting.

Tool components that are very light and very difficult to measure can be cast using this process effortlessly.

Considering the accuracy of shape, size and weight based precision, cost is quite justified. Investment casting process offers metal parts that last a long time too.

A batch can be produced and delivered within 3-4 weeks.

We are the leaders in this domain and hence, are the top most choice for our clients who have been with us for a long time now. We are experts in investment casting process so we take considerably less time to take your order and deliver in time.